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Content Marketing

Content Strategy That Grows Traffic and Revenue

Content marketing – it’s more than just the words on your homepage and the blogs on your website. It’s a strategy that reaches new customers with valuable information, and if done correctly, it can build loyalty, increase your revenue, and give you a consistent stream of organic web traffic

Content Marketing Services

Content Audits & Gap Analysis

Firstly, I’ll look at the content you currently have; is it written well enough to rank on Google, and is it search engine optimized? Secondly, I’ll take a look at the content that your direct competitors have published. We may need to go head-to-head with them so your site doesn’t look inferior in Google’s eyes. In short, the first item of business is bringing your content footprint up to par with your competitors.

Content Strategy Consultation

After the audit has concluded, I’ll start mapping out the content we need to publish in the coming weeks and months. I use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, and Ahrefs to find relevant questions that people are asking, and I compile as many topics as I possibly can into a spreadsheet. I’ll also dig into your search ad campaigns and Google Search Console for topic ideas, when possible.

Building Your Content

As a all around in house marketing firm, we prefer to handle the execution of our clients’ content marketing ourself rather than handing it off to someone else. Your content will be well-research, search engine optimized, and highly valuable, and I’ll always implement internal linking to give you an extra SEO boost.

How Else Does Content Marketing Benefit SEO?

It Communicates Authority and Relevance To Google

A sports apparel site with 30 well-written pages of content about relevant subject matter (not counting product pages) will perform better than a competing site with only 10 pages. Why?

Google measures your site’s overall health, quality, and relevance when deciding whether or not a page will rank, so even if your individual blog posts don’t rank all that high, their presence will help your home page or money pages rank better. Of course, the next point is even more powerful:

It Bolsters Your Internal Linking Strategy

Let’s continue with the aforementioned sports apparel brand. If that brand publishes blog posts around the general topic of sports memorabilia, they would benefit from including internal links from those blog posts to their related product pages with anchor text like “Phillies sports memorabilia” and the like. This helps Google decipher your site’s hierarchy, as well as the individual purpose of pages.

It Increases Dwell Time

Most experts agree that if someone finds your site organically and stays a while (they “dwell” on your site), Google will reward you with stronger keyword rankings over time. And if your website has a high volume of valuable content, and you encourage web visitors to engage with that content via internal links and strategic calls to action, your average user’s dwell time will increase.